Patchwork Style Brown Leather Duffle Bag


Sizes Available:
24 inch (length)  x 11 inch (height)  x 9 inch (depth)
28 inch (length)  x 11 inch (height)  x 9 inch (depth)

One fundamental compartment with divider separators for books and iPads alongside shoulder holding lash. Outside zipper pocket that permits you to save things for the street that even incorporates your wallet and shoes.

Secured with Confidence

Brown Patchwork Leather Duffle Bag

Patchwork style brown leather duffel bag is also known as patch bags. This type of bag is easy to use and is the most affordable way to carry all of your things in a bag that doesn’t have a zipper, and it is available in almost any shape you can imagine. Whether you choose to have the bag in solid colors, striped, or with some patches you can be sure that this bag is a great way to transport everything from a laptop to a new pair of running shoes.

A brown leather duffel bag can be used to store all of your daily necessities like toiletries, makeup, and even your phone. A good bag will be made of high-quality leather and have all of the functions you need in a duffle bag. Most will have an organizer inside with pockets to keep your things dry and out of the way, but the bags are usually so large you will be able to carry several things with you for a long time. You can find them in pretty much any color you want including black, blue and even grey or brown.

The problem many people have when choosing a bag is making sure they get a quality bag. When you use the same bag over again, you will start to see wear and tear on the bag. However, if you choose a well-made bag that is durable and looks good you will save yourself money in the long run by not having to buy another one. Many times you can find a designer bag at a reasonable price but you will still have to spend a lot of money to get a really good looking bag that is worth carrying around. Once you find that bag it will probably be the most important piece of your wardrobe.


24", 28"


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